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SOul Strength 2022 
Saturday January 8th: 1pm - 4pm PST
Saturday January 8th: 4pm- 7pm EST
Sunday January 9th: 8am - 11am AEDT (Sydney)

Hosted By: Mitta Wise
Practitioners Teaching Include:
Joia Gibble, 
melanie Yeoh  
Ragini Michaels
Mitta Wise
Joia Gibble provides emotional & spiritual guidance for women who are feeling lost & disconnected. She is experienced in quickly finding & transforming the beliefs, memories, past lives,& ancestral patterns that have been holding her clients back from achieving high levels of success & happiness. She is a Master Practitioner of EFT Tapping, an Advanced Akashic Records Consultant, a Reiki healer & a yogi. 
She has helped hundreds of people bring forward more confidence, joy, & wealth since starting her practice over five years ago.
Having conducted over 10,000 1:1 sessions with clients over the past 12 years, Melanie is passionate about helping her clients understand how our energy can impact our emotions, our mindset & our physical body. 
Through her unique combination of Kinesiology and Transformation Coaching, Melanie has developed her signature 8 Week Breakthrough Program, which she delivers online or over the phone, to her clients in Australia and overseas. 
Ragini is a premiere behavioral change specialist most beloved for her innovative Centered 24-7 six-step transformational process for expanding conscious awareness. Ragini is dedicated to supporting aspiring women leaders around the globe who want to catapult their commitment to conscious living & conscious leadership to a higher level of impact. She accomplishes this via the power of a new kind of practical wisdom that can neutralize and redirect the power of personal polarization. Ragini has run a successful private practice in NLP & Hypnosis for over 4 decades as well as offering certification in NLP and her original Paradox Management training, now available on-line.  
A registered nurse from NZ, Mitta moved to Australia where she lived a more holistic lifestyle, When she settled in Los Angeles, California it was an easy transition to being a holistic practitioner adding many holistic modalities such as hypnotherapy, reflexology, and various energy therapies including TAT. 
She has also developed her meditation practice in India and beyond.
From there she has created success & wellness online programs - both one on one and group. She has helped so many women go from stressed to purposed & unclear to clear - upleveling their lives big time in the process. 

What's Included in This Program

  • Welcome & Introduction at 1pm PST
  • ​Guided Visualization #1                       Relaxation & Inner Strength - Mitta Wise
  • How To Transform Your Life with EFT      Joia Gibble
  • ​How To Release The Struggle Between Being Somebody & Being Nobody               A simple techniqueRagini Michaels
  • ​Break
  • Short Energy/Insight Exercises        Mitta Wise
  • How To Create A Successful 2022 in 4 Simple Steps                                     Melanie Yeoh
  • ​Guided Visualization #2                   Clarity, Insight,  & 2022 as your BEST YEAR ever! - Mitta Wise
  • ​Ending
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